Co-Pastor Susan Rodgers’ Story of Living with Diabetes


Susan Rodgers

Co-Pastor Susan Rodgers
Fullness of Joy Church

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes back in 1992. Both my husband and I were terrified, not understanding what was in store for our future. My doctor comforted and surprised us with the information that no one ever has to die, go blind or lose a limb because of Diabetes. We were informed that with exercise and proper eating I could live a healthy and full lifestyle.

After the birth of my child I remained diligent in my health pursuits for a while, but soon became complacent when my lifestyle became extremely busy with young children and all the stress and hard work that ministry brings. In 2000 I was told that I had developed Type II Diabetes. I know it sounds crazy, but I often think that diagnosis saved my life. Had I continued with the unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle that I was living then, I don’t know what might have happened. That diagnosis reminded me of the information that I had received years before, diet and exercise will lead to a healthy and full life. I am very thankful for that admonition so many years ago and it has given me the tools to live a productive and happy life for many years now.

I believe that education is the key to living successfully with Diabetes. I have spoken to many people who have much misinformation. Folk tales, fear of doctors and unwillingness to make changes in their lifestyle are the reasons so many suffer needlessly. It frightens and shocks me how flippant some people are with their health. Our families and loved ones are counting on us to take care of ourselves. We should care enough about ourselves to participate in improving our health and quality of life.

I might not look like it to some, but over the years I have lost 4 dress sizes and increase my activity. It is a little stressful sometimes with such a busy life, but it’s worth it to live well. Healthy living doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or treat yourself sometimes; it just means that you have to remain aware and focused the goal of a healthy, happy life.

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